What kind of smartphones does eightcups support?
Eightcups supports both iPhone and Android, and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the bottle.
Therefore, the compatible version of each device is like below.
  • - iOS 8.0 or later
  • - Android 4.3 (Jellybean) or later, supporting BLE 4.0
How do I connect my bottle to the app?
  • Download 'eightcups' app from App Store or Google Play.
  • Connect power to the charger.
  • Place the bottle on the charger.
  • Start the app, and connect your bottle.
I want to change my settings.
If you would like to change your settings because of some changes in your weight or life pattern, please send an email to support@8cups.me.
We will guide you to change the settings.
Do I have to keep Bluetooth on when I use the bottle?
No, you don't need to always keep on either Bluetooth or the app.
The data is stored in the memory of the bottle and synchronized once you connect the app to the bottle.
The data, however, may be lost if you do not sync over 1 week, so try to sync data often.
Can I use another smartphone to use my bottle?
You can use other smartphones with your account, but not with other accounts.
If you'd like to give your bottle to the other, please send an email to support@8cups.me.
Can I use multiple bottles with one account?
To use more than two bottles, you have to make more than two accounts.
This is the basic registration policy on eightcups.
Let me know the meanings of the LED colors.
The LED on eightcups deliver the states of the bottle by blinking and changing colors.
The states of the bottles according to the LED is like below.

  • Cyan blink: It's time to drink water.
  • White on/blink: The level of water is changed.
  • Green on: The battery is fully charged.
  • Green blink: The wash mode is turned on.
  • Red on: The bottle is now being charged.
  • Red blink: The battery is low. Use the bottle after charging.
  • Yellow blink: Use the bottle after connecting to app once.
  • Rainbow variation: You achieved one day recommendation by drinking water little but often!
When does the LED water alarm turn on?
The interval of alarm is calculated based on your daily recommendation and the amount of water you drank.
It means that the more you drink once, the later the alarm turns on, and vice versa.
Try to drink water little but often according to the alarm!
The alarm turns on even if I achieved the recommendation for today.
It can turn on if you drank too much water at once.
The alarm of eightcups helps users make a habit of drinking water little but often.
If the alarm turns on after achieving 100%, try to reduce the amount of water you drink at a time!
How do I charge my bottle?
The package of eightcups comes equipped with a wireless charger and a USB cable.
Plug the cable in the charger and place the bottle on the charger.
When charging, the LED turns up red, and green when fully charged.
How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
It takes about 3~4 hours from the discharged state.
When fully charged, the LED turns up green.
How long does the battery last after charging ?
The battery lasts about 3~4 days without charging after fully charged.
Keep in mind, however, that the data not synced get lost if the bottle is completely discharged.
How do I wash the bottle?
The bottle is water resistant, so wash bottle just like you wash other bottles using water, brush, and dish soap.
Take care that you need to turn on wash mode to prevent errors in data.
To start wash mode, please follow the instructions below.
  • Hold the bottle upside down for 5 seconds.
  • Start washing when the LED turns on green.
  • Wash mode is turned off when waiting 3 minutes after washing or placing the bottle on the charger.
* You can turn on wash mode from the app as well.
May I put hot water in the bottle?
The bottle of eightcups is made up of Tritan plastic.
Unlike other plastics, Tritan does not emit potentially harmful chemicals by hot water.
Therefore, you may drink hot water with the bottle, but it is not recommended to put hot water above 60℃ (140℉) because it may produce some measurement errors or affect the circuit.
What is 8+ Program?
8+ Program is eightcups' own water drinking habit formation program for 100 days.
Once you start the program, the amount of water intake is accumulated as points (For 14 hours from the wake-up time).
If you collect more than 8,000 points in 100 days, you get a cashback for your points.
Make a healthy drinking habit with 8+ Program!
When can I start 8+ Program?
Once you register your bottle to your account, a countdown timer appears on the upper right side of 'Home' menu.
The countdown means the remaining time to start 8+ Program.
If it expires, a button 'Go 8+' shows up, and you can start the program by tapping the button.
How can I get the points?
You can earn points for 14 hours from the wake-up time.
If you drink water little but often according to the alarm in this period, you will get the maximum 200 points per day.
* You will see the LED of rainbow variation if you get the maximum points!
* Keep in mind that you may not earn the maximum points if you drink water too much at once!
Can I try again if I do not achieve the goal?
If you don't achieve 8,000 points within 100 days, or would like to try again in the middle of the program, you can retry it up to twice at any time.
Try your best to make it!
How do I receive the cashback?
The cashback is processed using Paypal.
Enter your account information in the app.
The cashback will be transferred every 2nd, 4th Wednesday except the remittance charge.
* You may not receive the cashback due to abuse if you do not drink water but pour it out frequently.
I think the bottle is broken.
If you'd like to receive warranty service due to a falty or damaged product, please send an email to support@8cups.me with a simple message.
We will guide you through the repair process.
May I hand over my bottle to another person?
If you want to give your bottle to another person, or registered with incorrect account, please send an email to support@8cups.me.
We will handle the account change process.
Please note that you cannot start 8+ Program with new account if the previous account have joined it.
I forgot my password.
If you lost your password for your account, please send an email to support@8cups.me.
We will reset your password after authentication.


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